Ordering a Custom Knit

I know what piece I want:

Contact me and we can work out pricing. Once that is agreed on then we can go looking for a pattern and / or yarn. I request that the cost of the yarn be handled first, either by the cost being sent to me to purchase the yarn, or the yarn be bought online by the customer and then shipped to me. Once the yarn is received I will contact the customer to let them know I have it and about where they are in the queue of projects waiting. After all work has been completed I will send the customer a link to pictures so that they can approve the finished item. At that time I request the remaining balance be paid before I ship the item to them.

I have this yarn:

If you have yarn but you’re not sure what to do with it, let me know. We can find a pattern that is perfect for both you and it. That’s right, not every pattern looks good in every yarn, but together we can find a fit to match your style and the amount of yarn you have.



My pricing is Cost of yarn + Labor (Time to knit + Diffculty of pattern) + Shipping (Generally a flat rate of $8 for US purchases) + Tax (Labor + Shipping * .0825). I do offer payment plans; if things are a little tight let me know and I’ll be happy to work with you to make your purchase possible.

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