Asking for Knitterly Help

If you have a pattern and need a little help adjusting it to fit you I’m your girl. I can walk you through figuring out your gauge, adding width or length, or correcting small mistakes. If you’re local to the Houston, Tx area I can possibly do such things in person.

If you’re looking to learn to knit, and in the Houston, Tx area I’m more than happy to meet up with you, perhaps at a coffee shop, and help you learn a new skill.  I give two sessions at $20 each, both 2 hours long. After that prices are negotiable. I will supply yarn and needles for use at the lesson but will also be willing to help you pick out patterns and purchase supplies to begin your own projects.

If you have yarn that has become hopelessly tangled I’m willing to attempt to untangle it. Apparently I find that activity relaxing rather than frustrating. I charge $5 per hour for the first 3 hours. So far it hasn’t taken longer than that. If I can’t get it done in that time frame then we can work together to decide the next step based on how much I’ve managed to get untangled and straightened out. When the yarn is finally untangled I can either wind the yarn into a ball or a hank, depending on your preference. Shipping back to you is $6.00

4 thoughts on “Asking for Knitterly Help

  1. I am working on your keyboard scarf and I’m having a rough time with the color changes. I understand the concept, I figure I’ll have 5 skeins going at once. How in the world do I keep them straight. Any tricks? Also how important is it to maintain the odd number rows for knit and the even number for purled and if its important what’s the trick to that. Thank you in advance for your help.


    1. When knitting it and writing it up I just decided that I’d make it a sit in one place and have the yarn spread out in front of me project. I’d watch which directions I was turning the needles when I reached the end of the row. I’d also twist the yarns around each other at the color changes and having the skeins in front of me I could just move them as needed. As for keeping them straight I mostly just went with using which one made the most sense at the time so I didn’t have to cut the yarn.

      You want to keep the knit rows and purl rows as they are so you get a nice stockenette fabric on the front side. At the end you sew the sides up and turn it inside out so that the back is never seen and the smooth knit front is all that’s visible no matter which way it’s turned.

      If you have more questions please feel free to message me via email (shadowsknits at gmail . com) or via facebook (ShadowsKnitKnacks).


      1. Thank you so much for your response. This is by far the toughest project I’ve tried. Still confused on the odd and even rows but I refuse to give up!


      2. Sorry one more question – how many skeins of yarn should I be using at one time. I currently have 6 (3 black and 3 white) Ty again.


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